Private chauffeur

With XTT you have your private chauffeur at your disposal whenever you need it.
Select the type of car you want, see the exact tariff of the trip before booking, estimated trip duration and route length.
Benefits of XTT service: a fleet with new cars, door to door transportation, a fixed fare and professional drivers.
You can pay online with your card or via bank transfer. You always have access to the invoices in your client account.
You have access to your trip history anytime, anywhere, using any browser or our dedicated mobile app.
Repeating a previous trip? You have a discount of up to 10% of that day's price using the Subscriptio section of your account.

You can book a car from the following classes:
- Economic - max. 4 passangers
- Optim - max. 4 passangers
- Business - max. 4 passangers
- Van - max. 8 passangers

Taxi bookings

Book a taxi for your trip in advance, ensuring that a car will wait for you when you need it.
View the estimated cost, length and estimated duration of trip. The payment will be made in lei, cash, at the end of the trip to the driver.
You receive via e-mail or sms details about your taxi (registration number, driver's phone number, dispatch phone number) for direct contact in case you need it.

Airport transfer/airport pick-up

Do you need an airport pick-up/transfer? We provide chauffeur services or taxi booking, according to your preferences.
Book early your trip to / from the airport using XTT. View the rate before making a reservation and benefit from the Early Booking offer.

If you choose our chauffeur services :
- you will have your own private driver with the car you choose from our available car types
- the price displayed while booking is fixed
- you can pay online, with your card, or via bank transfer
- you have access anytime to the invoices, in your client account
- you will receive the driver's phone number, so you can contact him directly, if needed
- by booking in advance, you can receive an Early Booking discount
- Meet & Greet included

If you choose a taxi:
- the price displayed when booking is estimated. The final price is set by the meter inside the taxi, at the end of the trip;
- the payment will be made cash, in lei, at the driver, when the trip ends;
- you receive via e-mail/sms driver's phone number and contact details for the taxi dispatch.

Using XTT, you can book an airport pick-up/transfer for the following airports:
- Henri Coandă International Airport - Otopeni, România
- Traian Vuia International Airport - Timișoara, Timiș, România
- Arad International Airport - Arad, România
- Oradea International Airport - Bihor, România
- Avram Iancu International Airport - Cluj, România
- Nikola Tesla International Airport - Belgrad, Serbia
- Liszt Ferenc International Airport - Budapesta, Ungaria

For companies

For company employees who make regular trips on certain predefined routes, we have created additional facilities to allow additional reductions depending on the length and frequency of the trips.
Every company registered in our system can have an account manager who will supervise the entire activity of that company's users in our platform.
The Account Manager can feed employees' accounts, define routes for them, or make reservations on their behalf.
Opportunity to access trip history or book a trip through a dedicated API for integration with company's internal software solutions.

For more details about our services for companies please contact us.

For partners

Join our partner program and earn money by driving in your spare time.
As an XTT partner, you have access to your trip history, your company's financial reports, you can manage your fleet, or you can assign a fleet manager to supervise your fleet.
You can use the XTT platform to manage your own trips, without receiving orders from the XTT system.
View the exact position of the drivers using the XTT driver application.

For more details about our partner program please contact us.